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Cyber Security as a Service for Small Business

Small Business Managed Security

cyber peace of mind.


You may not always see them, but they are there.

The Blue-ringed octopus is very small, but extremely mighty. It was the inspiration for the development of our Cyber as a Service (CaaS) suite of solutions uniquely designed for small businesses of every type. Just like the Blue-ringed octopus, hackers hide in plain site. You may not see them, but they are there.

BlueRing will protect your business from hackers and give you peace of mind that your security is assured.

We believe the Cyber Security issues we all face and read about so often in the papers are largely preventable with a solid well-managed cyber security program. We have often seen that most security breaches take advantage of vulnerabilities which are simple to fix, but go undiscovered in most environments given the intense pace of business today. BlueRing is our part to help small business address these issues and sleep better knowing they are in control.

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Features Overview

An effective cyber security strategy includes comprehensive elements to identify risk, manage risk and monitor for risk. The BlueRing CaaS (Cyber as a Service) solution includes packaged managed services options for each of these.








WHITEPAPER | The Attacker's Target, Small Business.

Cybercrime is increasing at epidemic proportions, from consumers, to SMB organizations to large enterprises. According to, an independent service provider of anti-virus research, more malware was found in the past two years than in the previous 10 years combined. 

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