Investment Managers

The investment and fund management industry has been specifically targeted over the past two years, with attackers seeking sensitive financial data. Fund managers have identified that loss of critical data and social engineering attacks are significant risks to their operations. The damages to an investment or fund management firm can be catastrophic to damaged investor confidence and firm reputation. The BlueRing Complete offering will address these threats and support compliance requirements.

Financial Services

Credit Unions and Banks face cyber attacks, such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), data theft and social engineering. Sensitive account holder Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data has been the primary data sought. A comprehensive cyber security program is mandated by regulatory compliance requirements. The BlueRing offerings meet these requirements.


Medical Office

The Doctor's office has unique cyber security requirements due to sensitive patient healthcare information and HIPAA regulatory requirements. Healthcare data is increasingly a target of attackers due to the increasing difficulty of attack vectors in other industries. BlueRing provides a solution to meet HIPAA requirements and most importantly can keep your data and your patient's data safe and secure.


Many other types of Heath Care offices can benefit from a more mature cyber security posture, such as pharmacies, veterinarians, child and elder care as well as bio research organizations. These organizations face similar attack threats as Medical offices and will benefit greatly by a comprehensive cyber security program. The BlueRing offerings include multiple levels of protections to fit various budgets and risk profiles.


Law Practice

The legal industry has been a target for attackers seeking intellectual property, corporate espionage and contract negotiation information. So much so, that President Obama issued certain nation states a stern warning about these attacks. Most of the attacks were successful due to underinvestment in a core cyber security program, such as BlueRing. Our solution makes it easy to outsource your cyber security in a complete one-stop program. 


Non-profits, including associations, trade representatives, religious groups and charities, have often been easy targets for attackers, due to their tight budgets and membership information. It is difficult to secure these environments on tight budgets, but the BlueRing CaaS solution provides solutions designed to scale into multiple budget constraints. Take a look at starting with the BlueRIng Basic package to get started.



Organizations assisting businesses or individuals in procuring insurance will often have Personally Identifiable Information (PII) within their systems. This information should be considered sensitive and proper handling and security is paramount to building a successful long term insurance company. Customers will not respond kindly if their data is exposed. Take a look at starting with the BlueRIng Basic package to get started.


The financial data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that accountants and bookkeepers engage with on a daily basis can be damaging to their clients if exposed. The damage to these small business reputations (both client and accountant) can be catastrophic. Much of this risk can be addressed with a comprehensive cyber security program such as BlueRIng.



The retail shop, restaurant, boutique business is also at risk of attack. Both with broad scoped attacks, such as ransomeware as well as financially motivated attacks geared towards collecting customer financial data. Many small business retail pre-packaged IT systems offer comprehensive security, but may only focus on one specific area relating to that system. Most attacks are successful due to underinvestment in a core cyber security program, such as BlueRing. Our solution makes it easy to outsource your cyber security in a complete one-stop program. 

Other Small Business

Many other small businesses will benefit with a complete cyber security program that addresses all five key areas. Call us to discuss how our solution can help you stay secure.