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Cyber Security as a Service for Small Business


The People feature offers a way to train your staff and evaluate the cyber risk created by your staff.

This solution addresses risk present in your staff’s interactions with your organization’s technology. It will deploy a training and testing program to educate and test your staff over a period of time allowing them to recognize phishing attacks and other ways they can improve security in your organization through improved interactions. We will provide Wombat and implement a program focused on Assessing staff, educating staff reinforcing the message and measure results. The entire experience will be managed through our managed service offering, including complete setup, configuration, training and testing. 



AssessProductPolicy | People Monitor

BlueRing is offered in three levels of packaging. Basic, Professional & Complete. All in three year terms initiated through purchasing the startup package through Anchor Technologies or your current IT managed service provider.

This People feature is the second half of the Professional package focusing on managing risk presenting by your staff's interaction with technology, your data and your brand. The Professional package is the second tier of the BlueRing solution and includes everything in the Basic package as well.